Box Backup administrator's guide

Table of Contents

1. Configuration
System configuration
Certificate Management
Log Files
Configuring a client
Configuration Options
2. Administration
Regular Maintenance
Controlling a backup client
Using bbackupctl to perform snapshots
Checking storage space used on the server
Verify and restore files
Fixing corruptions of store data
Stop bbackupd
Are you using RAID on the server?
Check and fix the account
Grab any files you need with bbackupquery
Restart bbackupd
RaidFile (2/8)
Common (1/2)
Server (3/16)
Connection (7/x)
Advanced troubleshooting
A. Exception codes
Common Exceptions (1)
Raidfile Exceptions (2)
Server Exceptions (3)
Backupstore Exceptions (4)
Cipher Exceptions (5)
Compress Exceptions (6)
Connection Exceptions (7)
Http Exceptions (10)
Conversion Exceptions (12)
Client Exceptions (13)
B. Running without root

List of Examples

1.1. Example Configuration File
1.2. Example:
1.3. Example Server Section
1.4. Example Backup Locations Section