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#62 Backups of deleted files may be removed very quickly by housekeeping new defect major 0.12 bbackupd
#45 File diff performance patch (reduced disk IO and wall time new enhancement normal 0.12 bbackupd
#65 Some file attributes under Windows are not backed up new defect normal bbackupd
#66 Windows ACL support new enhancement normal bbackupd
#70 Non-ascii character cause error for notifyscript path new defect normal bbackupd
#57 Create boxbackupresume and other files in DataDirectory new enhancement minor bbackupd
#58 bbackupquery connection timeout results in error message, should be more graceful new defect minor bbackupd
#68 More details when ReadError occurs new enhancement minor bbackupd
#77 Min verbosity switch broken for bbackupquery new defect minor bbackupd
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