Box Backup 0.07

Upgrading from 0.06 to 0.07


The following command has been added to the bbackupd.conf configuration file:

SyncAllowScript = /path/to/intepreter/or/exe script-name parameters etc

Use this to temporarily stop bbackupd from syncronising or connecting to the store. This specifies a program or script script which is run just before each sync, and ideally the full path to the interpreter. It will be run as the same user bbackupd is running as, usually root.

The script prints either "now" or a number to STDOUT (and a terminating newline, no quotes). If the result was "now", then the sync will happen. If it's a number, then the script will be asked again in that number of seconds.

For example, you could use this on a laptop to only backup when on a specific network.

Server (non-RAID configurations only)

Version 0.06 and below had a bug where the space used on the server was incorrect if (and only if) you were running it in non-userland RAID mode (that is, only specify one directory to raidfile-config). Space used would be 50% greater than actually used, meaning that housekeeping would trim files from the accounts prematurely.

This bug has been fixed, but you need to correct the store accounts on the server to get the storage spaced, and hence the housekeeping, working correctly.

Firstly, upgrade the server. Make sure the bbstored daemon is stopped, then for each account do

/usr/local/bin/bbstoreaccounts check 12345 fix

where 12345 is the account number. Then, start the server again. After housekeeping has run, which will take a few minutes, the accounts should be corrected, and bbstoreaccounts and the usage command within bbackupquery will report the correct size.

RAID disc sets don't need to do this as the bug only affected non-RAID configurations.

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