Box Backup 0.10

Improvements From 0.09

  • Optimised diffing algorithm - massive speed improvements
  • Improved diff timeout
  • Bug fixes
  • Solaris support
  • Portability improvements, including new autoconf based build
  • Extended attributes (xattr) and ACL support (on Linux and Darwin - backs up resource forks under Mac OS X)
  • Readline usage clarified for licensing. Also libeditline is now used as an alternative.
  • Support for Berkeley DB 4.1 or above in addition to the previous support for version 1.

Experimental Features (No Automated Test Exists)

  • Keep-alive on long diffing operations
  • Save state for non-server use, speeds up first sync after bbackupd starts (not enabled by default)
  • Native win32 port integrated into main source tree, fixes and improved build
  • Support for MinGW and MSVC under Win32


  • Ben Summers (main developer);
  • Nick Knight ported Box Backup to Windows (properly, not using Cygwin);
  • Gary Niemcewicz added client/server (SSL) keepalives to keep the connection to the server alive during a long diff, and saving the daemon's state across restarts;
  • Martin Ebourne ported to Solaris; wrote extended attribute support (xattr); converted to use autoconf for automatic compiler configuration;
  • Chris Wilson updated Nick's and Gary's work to fit in with the new trunk, fixed some issues pointed out by Ben and Martin, made it compile on Windows with the free MinGW compiler, and generally made a mess of things and a nuisance of himself;
  • Jonathan Morton vastly improved the performance and efficiency of the file-diffing code.
  • Testing and other contributions: James O'Gorman, Peter Jalajas, Charles Lecklider, Stefan Norlin, Per Thomsen

Source Code

The source code for all platforms can be downloaded here, although for Windows Native builds please read the Windows installation notes.

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