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Upgrade to 0.10 first.

Remove any Windows services before upgrading (with bbackupd -r) and reinstall after upgrading (with bbackupd -i).

New logging options (LogAllFileAccess, ExtendedLogging? and command-line options) are useful but not required. To use LogAllFileAccess you need to start the daemon with the -V option as well.

The protocol is the same, so it shouldn't require the store server to be updated at the same time as the clients, or even fix the order of updating them. We would recommend that you upgrade the store server first, and then the clients one at a time.

You might want to either regenerate their configs, or look at the difference between a fresh config and their current one, to enable some useful options like KeepAliveTime (which is enabled by default in new installations) and to think about enabling StoreObjectInfoFile.

Most syslog messages have changed their format, so any scripts which parse syslog will have to be updated.

Anyone using SINGLEPROCESS in anger (e.g. to run bbstored as a managed service under daemontools or similar) should shoot themselves quietly in the foot and prepare to change it to -F after the upgrade. (this was never a documented option, and now behaves a little differently).

Known Issues

Restore deleted directories may fail
No way to force bbackupd to re-upload files under Windows
Comparing root directory locations does not work under Windows
Locations not found on disk (e.g. unmounted filesystems) cannot be protected