Bandwith Mangament

As bandwith mangement is currently not supported by bb, this must be done by other means.


Linux supports bandwith management. The solution presented works, if you only want to limit bb, but no other applications. It an adjusted version of the code shown at It is also explained there.

There are two files - and - attached to this wiki-page. You need to configure both of them. You have to run at startup. You can add it to your if-up, or just start it manually or whatever (Feel free to add more info to the wiki). The can be used to change the bandwith. This is handy if you want to add it as cronjob. I added a /etc/cron.d/bblimit containing

0  2 * * mon-fri  root    /opt/tc/ 500kbit
0 16 * * mon-fri  root    /opt/tc/ 200kbit


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