Betas and Release Candidates

Beta Releases Overview

From time to time versions of Box Backup may be released as beta releases. This means that, whilst they should generally work, it is possible that there will be some outstanding known problems or else the new functionality will not have been fully tested.

You are welcome to download and try any beta releases available from this page, but be aware that you may encounter problems. If you don't require any of the experimental features, or don't want to help with testing those features, then you're probably better off sticking with the latest stable (ie non-beta) release instead.

Beta releases have version numbers of the form 0.11b1, 0.11b2 etc (being beta releases that precede the stable version 0.11 being produced).

Release Candidates Overview

As the development of a new Box Backup version becomes stable, a release candidate will be made available. This version will be thought to be complete and expected to work, but it requires testing in order to determine that there are no remaining problems that were not picked up earlier in testing.

If this testing finds no significant problems that would prevent its release, then it will become the next stable release. If, however, release-blocking problems are found then they will be fixed and a further release candidate will be made available, and so on.

Release candidates have version numbers of the form 0.11rc1, 0.11rc2 etc (being release candidates that precede a new stable version 0.11).

Current Status

Release Candidate 8 for Box Backup 0.11 (version 0.11rc8):

Please let us know whether the Release Candidate works for you! See Reporting Problems below.

The latest development version can be downloaded and built by following the instructions on the SourceCodeRepository page.

Whilst not formal test releases, there are packaged builds for Windows available from the WindowsClientReleases page.

Downloading and Installation

Please be careful with release candidates. We believe them to be stable, but they are less well tested than full releases.

We recommend that you take more precautions with a release candidate than with an official release. In particular, we recommend that you make sure that you are verifying your backups regularly and automatically, that you do so manually around once a week, and that you have another backup system in place.

We recommend that you make a full local backup of your backup repository (on the bbstored server) before upgrading to 0.11.

Please read the Upgrading to 0.11 page.

Known Problems

Port Box Backup to AIX
Contribute code: SMTP client, HTTP server, Database drivers, Web app framework
Improve restore speed on local repositories
Improve handling of directories with many files
Fix file locking on Windows
Restore deleted directories may fail
List files using wildcards
bbackupctl reload reports prior settings
File diff performance patch (reduced disk IO and wall time
bbackupd only ever saves reverse diffs, corrupted files on store may be unrecoverable
Account numbers greater than 2^31 (0x7fffffff) do not work correctly
Locations that don't exist on first run are never tried again
No way to force bbackupd to re-upload files under Windows
Unable to control the maintenance of old vs. deleted files
Comparing root directory locations does not work under Windows
Locations not found on disk (e.g. unmounted filesystems) cannot be protected
Should store and preserve directory timestamps
Windows: User can polute restore directory by adding a trailing backslash to the restore destination
Create boxbackupresume and other files in DataDirectory
bbackupquery connection timeout results in error message, should be more graceful
Backups of deleted files may be removed very quickly by housekeeping
Support hard links in directories
Some file attributes under Windows are not backed up
Windows ACL support
More details when ReadError occurs
CRTL+C closes bbackupquery console window under Windows
Non-ascii character cause error for notifyscript path
Reconnect bbackupquery automatically, or at least have a "connect" commadn to do so from inside
Min verbosity switch broken for bbackupquery
Error level for "bbackupquery.exe -u"

Reporting Problems

If you find a problem with a test release you've downloaded from this page then please report it! Box Backup is a complex application and we need your help to find and fix any problems that you encounter.

You should initially report your problem on the developers mailing list (see the MailingLists page for details). The problem might already be known about, or there may be a simple mistake in configuration that is easily corrected. If, following that discussion, it appears to be a real problem then a ticket will be raised on this website to track the investigation and fix of that problem - that ticket will probably be raised by the developers.

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