DataDirectory Option

The client, bbackupd, stores temporary state files in the DataDirectory specified in the bbackupd configuration file, bbackupd.conf.

This directory must exist and must be writable by the Box Backup user and no others. No sensitive information is stored there.

A typical DataDirectory would be:

  • /var/bbackupd when running as root on a Unix system
  • /home/user/bbackupd/state when running as a normal user on a Unix system
  • C:\Program Files\Box Backup\bbackupd on a Windows system

But you can choose another directory as the DataDirectory if you like.

The following files are stored there:

  • the last_sync_start and last_sync_finish marker files, wwhich are not necessary for Box Backup operation, but may be useful to admins
  • the inode maps, which are used to track renamed files

You may also configure bbackupd to store the PidFile, CommandSocket? and StoreObjectInfoFile in this directory if you like, to keep all the working state in one place.

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