This is a client option (bbackupd.conf).

If the connection from client to server is idle for some time (e.g. over 10 minutes or 600 seconds, not sure exactly how long) then the server will give up and disconnect the client, resulting in Connection Protocol_Timeout errors on the server and TLSReadFailed or TLSWriteFailed errors on the client. Also, some firewalls and NAT gateways will kill idle connections after similar lengths of time.

This can happen for example when most files are backed up already and don't need to be sent to the store again, while scanning a large directory, or while calculating diffs of a large file. To avoid this, KeepAliveTime specifies that special keep-alive messages should be sent when the connection is otherwise idle for a certain length of time, specified here in seconds.

The default is that these messages are never sent, equivalent to setting this option to zero, but we recommend that all users enable this.

State Setting Effect
Default KeepAliveTime = 0 keepalive disabled
Recommended KeepAliveTime = 120 keepalive sent once every two minutes
Last modified 11 years ago Last modified on Apr 13, 2008, 3:49:54 PM