The LogFile directive belongs in the client configuration file, bbackupd.conf. It allows logging the output of bbackupd to a file, possibly with a different level of logging than the default syslog or console logging.

It has two intended uses:

  • to help users to debug the daemon without running it in the foreground or reconfiguring their syslog daemon
  • with the LogFileLevel directive and a NotifyScript, to provide logs that can be parsed on a backup-finish event notification to produce a report about the backup

LogFile is simply set to the name of a file to log to. Absolute paths are not required but are recommended, especially if using a backup daemon that is started automatically.

To produce a summary at the end of the backup, write a NotifyScript that does something like this:



if [ "$1" = "backup-finish" ]; then
  /usr/local/bin/generate-report $LOGFILE | mail root

where /usr/local/bin/generate-report is a script that parses the specified log file and generates a report on files uploaded, patched, not changed, or failed to back up. You could probably modify contrib/ to generate such a report fairly easily.

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