Release Plan

IMPORTANT: with the move of the development site to Trac this would really be better represented on the TracRoadmap where tickets representing open tasks can be tracked against milestones.

NOTE: this is currently out of date - it has been maintained here for historical reasons.


  • Code freeze on the 20 Jan 2006 (and produce tarball for testing, advertise on [email protected]).
  • Testing until 29 Jan 2006
  • Release on 30 Jan 2006


  • Test on all platforms. Please post your results in TestResults.


The following developers will test and signoff platforms for release:

  • Ben - OpenBSD, Darwin
  • Martin - Fedora Core 4, i386 and x86_64
  • Per - Fedora Core 3, Fedora Core 2, Fedora Core 5 (currently in test-releases), NetBSD 3.0, FreeBSD 6.0
  • Chris - Win32 native
  • Stefan - Solaris 9 Sparc, 10 Sparc, 10 x86

On each platform, the minimum criteria for signoff is that the tests should pass in both release and debug versions. Minor failures may be acceptable, discussed on a case by case basis. On unix platforms to run the tests simply execute the following commands:

./ ALL debug
./ ALL release

The various Win32 ports are more tricky, as the test infrastructure does not work on this platform. At the very least we need a test script, which should be worked through to verify it works OK: Win32TestScript

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