Test Results

These are the test results from users and developers who have tested the latest release candidates.

This page should only contain a summary ('All passed' or 'bbackupd,raidfile failed', etc.). Please post details to the boxbackup-dev list.

0.11 final

Alphabetical order by OS please

Operating systemArchitecturexattrLarge filesBDBDebug tests resultsRelease tests resultsTester
CentOS 4.8 i686 No Yes 4.2.52 All passed All passed
Debian 3.1 i386 No
Debian 3.1 ppc32
FreeBSD 8.0 i686 No All passed Chris Wilson
Gentoo Linux x86_64 No
Mac OSX 10.5 x86_64 httpserver failed (svn co) All passed (svn co) Chris Wilson
Mac OSX 10.6 x86_64 Chris Wilson
NetBSD 3.0 i686 No
OpenBSD 3.8 i386 No
OpenSolaris? 10/Studio 12 x86 No bbackupd failed Chris Wilson
RedHat? ES 4 i386 No
Slackware 12 i386 No Yes 4.4.20 Chris Wilson
Solaris 9 sparc No
Solaris 10 sparc No
Solaris 10 x86 No
SuSE Enterprise 9 ppc64 Yes
SuSE 10.0 i686 No
Ubuntu 8.04 i686 No Yes 4.3.29 All passed (svn co) Chris Wilson
Windows XP i686 No


  1. httpserver debug test fails on Mac OSX 10.5 due to an expected exception not being thrown. This code is not used at present.
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