Windows Client Releases

Please download the latest Windows client package here.

For each new release, a number of packages are built. You probably want a master branch, 64-bit, release build, NSIS installer unless you know otherwise. The full list of package types is:

Filename Platform Architecture Debugging Package Format
BoxBackup-0.12.master.171121.f5995dd_Win_x64_Debug.exe Windows 64-bit Debug NSIS Installer Windows 64-bit Debug ZIP file
BoxBackup-0.12.master.171121.f5995dd_Win_x64_Release.exe Windows 64-bit Release NSIS Installer Windows 64-bit Release ZIP file
BoxBackup-0.12.master.171121.f5995dd_Win_x86_Debug.exe Windows 32-bit Debug NSIS Installer Windows 32-bit Debug ZIP file
BoxBackup-0.12.master.171121.f5995dd_Win_x86_Release.exe Windows 32-bit Release NSIS Installer Windows 32-bit Release ZIP file

The first part of the filename indicates that the package is for Box Backup 0.12 (approximately), on the master branch (please only use master branch releases), from Git commit f5995dd.

Windows binary packages are built automatically by AppVeyor whenever a change is made, after the tests have run successfully.

If the tests fail for any of these combinations, then no package will be uploaded for it. This can happen randomly (timing issues can cause the tests to fail), so you may need to go back to a previous version to get the package that you want.

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