Box Backup

An open source, completely automatic on-line backup system for UNIX.


There are three main elements

Running the store server is a multi-step process, but the backup client is easy.

TLS (SSL revised) is used to encrypt connections, and more importantly, to authenticate servers and clients with both server and client side certificates. Scripts are provided to generate and manage these certificates.

Stored files are encrypted using AES for file data and Blowfish for metadata. This does mean that the one thing you do need to back up off-site and look after is a 1k file containing your keys -- the data on the server is useless without it. But it never changes, so that's OK.


See the wiki for the latest compilation and installation instructions.

Source code is available on GitHub.


The wiki contains user contributed documentation. Please use it for up to date information about Box Backup.

Since GitHub refuses to let search engines index wikis, where our documentation lives, we link to GHWSEE which kindly provides a free proxy of GitHub wikis that is indexable, so that search engines will follow this link and index our docs, so that you can find them by searching.

Mailing list

Please join the project mailing list,, for announcements of new versions and discussion of the system. Join at the sign up page.