Related Projects

The following are projects that extend or enhance Box Backup functionality. Please add yours to this wiki page.

Management GUI

This is a web interface for managing a Box Backup server, under development in the Box Backup trunk as a contribution. See WebManagementInterface for more details.


Boxi is a cross-platform frontend to Box Backup, written by Chris Wilson, that provides a GUI for configuring the bbackupd daemon, as well as comparing and restoring files from the server.

Box Backup Explorer

Box Backup Explorer is a Python web server interface to Box Backup, written by Thimo Kraemer. It allows selecting files to restore and downloading them from the server, as well as account space usage on the server.


The BoxBackup::Config Perl module gives access to (some of) the Box Backup configuration files from Perl. Currently the access is read-only, and only gives access to the accounts.txt and raidfile.conf files. BBConfig can be downloaded from CPAN.


Per Thomsen created bbClientStatus. It is a perl script that, externally to Box, checks when the last backup was made, for individual clients or all clients for a server. It can email results, and can also be used as an easily parseable file, for other programs to use as input. The package can be downloaded here.

bbClientStatus uses the BoxBackup::Config package.

Nagios plugins

If you're using Nagios to monitor your systems, these plugins might be of use to you. They check that the bbstored and bbackupd daemons are running, and to the extent possible, that they are healthy. They can be downloaded from here, and the project web site is here.

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